How to choose the right wedding venue (part two)

The size of the wedding venue:
Sometimes on the photos, we cannot understand how big or small is the wedding venue.
The best solution, of course, to see it with your own eyes, but not everybody has the possibility to come on the island before the wedding. You can ask your wedding planner to send you the photos with a minimum or a maximum number of the people depends on how many guests you will have, from his archive. It will help you to understand if this venue fulfills your needs.

The presence of a fixed construction on the wedding venue (gazebo or arch):
Most wedding venues in Santorini have a stationary gazebo. It is a construction made from wood, which is impossible to remove, it’s always on a venue. A gazebo can be decorated with flowers, lamps, various suspended constructions, or curtains of different colors.

Distance from the restaurant (if the ceremony and dinner will be in different places):
It’s relevant when you want to save a little money on the transfer of guests. The savings are not so much, but why not. Although on the other hand, you can win 1 hour for a calm photo session at the wedding venue or near the restaurant, while guests will get up, take seats on the bus and arrive at the restaurant.

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Indigo Weddings Team