How to choose a wedding venue ?! (part one)

As a rule, many couples learn about wedding venues from the internet, but unfortunately it’s difficult to understand a real size of venue and other important details. That’s why some couples come to the island for a few days during the preparation to go through the places and see everything themselves. Others rely on the wedding planner who also can help you with the selection of the most convenient option according to your criteria. So the question arises: «What are these criteria?»
Well, catch the list.

1. View
Open the map you can see that there are several options: caldera view and sea view. Let’s speak about the differences. Many hotels located in Imerovigli, Firostefani and Oia can have both of the views and thus may confuse tourists who have never been to the island. Caldera is the side of the island where are made thousands of photos which you can see on the internet, namely is caldera view, volcano, island Thirasia and the favorite Santorini’s sunset. On this side are some of the most expensive hotels of the island! Other option – sea view. Here we have usual view of the endless sea and sunrise every morning of course, if you like to get up early, at about 6:00 in the morning. By the way, a sunrise on the island is also very beautiful and worthy of your attention.

2. Number of steps
To get to a wedding venue sometimes is needed to go down/up the stairs, for example, this will happen if you will choose Dana Villas. Therefore, if you plan to invite your grandparents to the celebration, you must take into account the number of these steps.

3. Parking
Unfortunately, parking in Santorini is very bad. It’s often impossible to find a place. That’s why we recommend our couples to rent a car with a driver or order a transfer. The same goes for gathering guests. So, the most problematic to find parking in Imerovigli, exactly where there are several wedding venues. Certainly you can park a car in a paid parking, but from there you have to go enough far. But if you still decide to drive by yourself on your wedding day, we highly recommend to drive through the places of photo session before for taking a closer look and find hidden parking spaces, because they exist, believe us.

To be  continued….